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Exploring the Jewish Experience

Jul 9, 2024 - Aug 27, 2024


The summer session of the New Mexico Exploring the Jewish Experience (EJE) Course delves into different features of Jewish culture including, humor, food, languages, ethnicities, music, and the arts. It is part of a year-round course that illuminates the unique history of the Jewish people and its vibrant culture as well as giving insight into anti-Semitism, Israel, and the Jewish Diaspora. The summer session is part of a popular year-round course offered both in Santa Fe and Albuquerque that is geared for Jews seeking to deepen their understanding of their heritage and for non-Jews who are interested in learning about Judaism. The course is taught by master teachers, Rabbi Dov Gartenberg of Shabbat with Friends NM, and Rabbi Jack Shlachter who leads HaMakom Santa Fe and the Los Alamos Jewish Center. While the EJE normally offers separate ABQ and Santa Fe courses on different nights, this summer we will offer one course for both communities and beyond that can be joined online as well as in-person. The first four sessions of the course will meet in-person in Santa Fe, while the 2nd half of 4 sessions will offer in-person setting for people in the ABQ area. The course in taught in a hybrid format in which online and in-person participants learn together. All sessions are recorded as well, so that all sessions are accessible and available to participants. The EJE Course is a joint program of Shabbat with Friends NM, HaMakom, Santa Fe, Los Alamos Jewish Center.

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Exploring the Jewish Experience Course

Exploring the Jewish Experience Course

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