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Hebrew/English translated and transliterated L'Chu N’ran’nah (Let us Sing) Table Bencher embossed with the Shabbat with Friends Logo. 5th edition, 2019. Editor: Barry Walfish


A Bencher is a blessing book for the Shabbat and Festival table. It is unique among Jewish books because the sign of a good bencher is that is has many food and wine stains.  There are dozens of benchers available, but the L'Chu N'ran'nah Bencher we consider to be the best for the reasons you can read below. 


This popular English speakers’ bencher is the best bencher for hosting guests of diverse backgrounds at your Shabbat meals. Using a three-column linear form, aligned by transliteration, Hebrew text, and translation, the bencher is easy to read and follow. It is excellent for singing together and maximizing participation around your Shabbat table.  


Instructions are clear and easy to follow. The table of contents makes for efficient navigation. The back of the bencher has a alphabetical index which helps you find your favorite songs and blessings. 

The text is fully egalitarian and inclusive. It provides alternatives to texts that accommodate diverse local customs. Notes above the texts acknowledge biblical, rabbinic, and medieval authors and share snippets of folk history.  The new edition has 28 pages of additional delights including Yiddish and Ladino songs, more short songs and table hymns.  


This bencher is the favorite of Shabbat with Friends NM and highly recommended for your Shabbat table. Purchasing multiple copies of the L’Chu N’ran’nah Bencher is an excellent way to support Shabbat with Friends and to strengthen you practice of Shabbat hospitality.    

The cost is $18 for a single copy. A portion of your purchase goes to support Shabbat with Friends and is tax-deductible. You will receive an acknowledgment from SWF specifying the tax-deductible portion of your purchase.

The Shabbat with Friends NM Cover Page for the"Let Us Sing" Bencher

  • Shipping and handling costs are not included. 

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