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Pre-Passover Caroling Home Visits: A Spring fundraiser for Shabbat with Friends NM

Pre-Passover Caroling Home Visits 

An Original and Tuneful Fundraiser for Shabbat with Friends NM 

 The Passover Seder features the most beloved songs of the Jewish songbook. This year Shabbat with Friends will be borrowing a beautiful Christmas tradition of bringing festive carols to people’s doors. We will adapt the caroling tradition to Passover, serenading you to inspire you for the imminent Seder. We can come to your door in the weeks before Passover to offer you a medley of familiar and new Passover songs to put you in the mood for the festival of our liberation.   


We are blessed to have received, as of this writing, 3 matching gifts for the Passover Caroling Home Visits. Thank you to Rick and Karen Hammer for a $2000 matching gift in memory of Alan Chodorow of Blessed Memory. Thank you to Mike Makoid for a $1,500 matching gift in memory of his in-laws Morris and Stella Novit of Blessed Memory. I am also giving a matching gift of $500 in memory of my father, Allan Gartenberg. These gifts in the sum of $4000 will double any donation you make for this fundraiser.      


Here is how the SWF Passover Caroling Fundraiser works.  

Your household can invite the SWF Passover Carolers to serenade you, your family members, and your friends at your door or in your home.  


Step 1. Reserve a day when our merry band of Passover carolers will come to your home. Choose a day when we will be in your area.   

Albuquerque area: Thursday evening, April 11th or Sunday, April 14th.  

Santa Fe area: Thursday evening, April 18th or Sunday, April 21st.  

The deadline to reserve a day is 12pm on the previous days of the dates listed above.  


Step 2. Choose a donation amount. (We recently updated the amounts to make it easier to participate.) 

$90 or more (plus a service fee) for a 15-minute serenade.  

$180 or more (plus a service fee) for a 30-minute serenade.  


Step 3. Our SWF coordinating team will be in touch with you soon after your donation to arrange a specific time when to expect the Passover carolers to arrive at your door. 


General Donations without a Caroling Visit: If you would like to support Shabbat with Friends and don’t have time for a Caroling visit, you may give a donation of $18, $36, $72, $180, or an amount of your choosing, for Shabbat with Friends which will be matched. Every donation is tax-deductible and goes to support the work of Shabbat with Friends.   


We are happy to provide you with links to our medley of songs so you can share them at your Seder.  


We invite you to participate and would love to serenade you for your Seder. Click on the link below to make your donation and to schedule a visit with the SWF Passover Carolers to your home. 


Shalom, Rabbi Dov Gartenberg,  

Convener of Shabbat with Friends NM   


PS: Contact me at if you are interested in joining our ‘hevre’ (merry band) of Passover Serenaders. Thank you to our musicians, Judah Horowitz and Randi Thompson, for joining me in offering you this tune-up for Passover. 


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