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SWF Announcements for July 2024

SWF SMS Campaign

During July, we encourage our friends and supporters to sign up to receive SMS text messages from Shabbat with Friends. People receiving SMS will be the first to know about new Shabbat gatherings, programs, and blog posts. To learn more about SWF SMS and to sign up for no more than 3 notifications monthly, go to our website and look for the SMS popup signup.

Enroll in the Summer Session of the Exploring the Jewish Experience Course.

The New Mexico Exploring the Jewish Experience (EJE) Course Summer Session begins on Tuesday evening, July 9th. Enrollment is open until July 16th. Learn More and Enroll HERE

Reduced SWF Shabbat Gatherings in July

During July we will reduce our Shabbat and program activity. Shabbat gatherings will resume in August. Check out the schedule HERE.  

Kindness Through Song: An Organizing Meeting,

SWF is organizing an ongoing Hesed outreach effort that combines our love for singing with bringing joy to people who are shut-in, ill, or isolated. We are calling it the Kindness Through Song Gemach (society of kindness). Learn more and join us for a Zoom Organizing Meeting on Wednesday eve, June 17th, 7-8:15pm. RSVP HERE 

  • Save the Date: SWF Musical Shabbat Gathering and a Shabbat potluck feast in Bernalillo with host, Suzy Savage. Erev Shabbat, August 2, 2024.   

  • Seeking host or cohosts for a Musical Shabbat Gathering in Santa Fe

Either Friday eve, August 16 or Shabbat afternoon/evening August 17th. Event can be outside in a park, in a venue, or in your home. Contact Rabbi Dov,, if you are interested.

  •  A Shabbat Morning Minyan Service: A Chavurat HaMidbar Program Led by Rabbi Dov.

Saturday morning, August 24, 2024 10am to 1pm. Free and Open to the Community

I am organizing a traditional egalitarian Shabbat morning service which will include:

  • Torah reading from a Sefer Torah.

  • Beautiful Participatory Liturgical Singing.

  • Inspiring Dvar Torah on the portion of the week.

  • A delicious Shabbat potluck Kiddush lunch.

I’m looking for Torah readers, people to give honors and to make the minyan. Sign up to participate and contribute HERE.  

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