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Transitions at SWF

We wish to extend our appreciation to Ruthie Maayan, the first president of Shabbat with Friends NM, who stepped down after serving of over a year and ½. Thank you for leading us and your strong support of our early efforts.

Our new president as of July 1st will be Shera Farkas. Sherah has hosted several Shabbatot at her home and has been a vital volunteer and member of the SWF Leadership Team.  Read more about her on the SWF Leadership Page. You can reach her at


We also thank leadership team members, James Connors and Mahrinah Shije, who are stepping down. We wish Mahrinah refuah shlemah as she deals with health issues.  James will continue to serve as our tech consultant after he moves to Pennsylvania with his partner, Genna in August. Mazal Tov on the upcoming Huppah in September in Frederik, Maryland.


We welcome to our leadership team, Janet Sanders and Douglas Jardine from Santa Fe and Zachary Kolodny from Albuquerque. We will be posting their profiles on the website soon. We are grateful for the continued service of Joy Rosenberg, Lea Koshkin, and Rick Hammer on the SWF Leadership Team.


If you are interested in volunteering or serving on the SWF leadership team, please send us a message from the Contact Us page.

Rabbi Dov Gartenberg,

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